2018 Breeze Audio New Gold Sealed Edition Hood1969 HiFi 2.0 Class A Home Audio Amplifier 10W+10W

2018 Breeze Audio New Gold Sealed Edition Hood1969 HiFi 2.0 Class A Home Audio Amplifier 10W+10W
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Oписание продукта

2017 New Breeze Audio DC100 AK4497 Digital audio decoder DAC supports DSD upgrade AK4495SEQ Optical fiber coaxial input

 There are 2 order option for this DAC, one is with single internal made transformer, another is for double UK transformer, please check the following pictures

AKM is the most new flagship decoder chip AK4497, the core equivalent to 2 AK4495SEQ and more depth optimization. Coaxial fiber input is AK4118. collocationInput scheme of Amanero USB, support thousands of coaxial optical USB input, support DSD, with mute relay control circuit with display mesnac operation, without repeated DSD PCM who set the switch.
Compared with other AK4497 DAC, sound more clearly; high frequency resolution is better; more clearly no chaos; the voice of the background more quiet; if there is density, Naiting; listen to voice more real, like the singer at the scene singing voice; better layering; low frequency control is better, just perfect income freely; three very balanced! Is a rare good decoding!

Automatic completion detection.Coaxial fiber supports 192K 24BIT, USB supports 384K 32BIT and DSD input
DSD decoding is also supportedNative support DSD decoding! Don\'t turn DSD into PCM! Please don\'t be misled!Support for 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz, 22.4MHz DSD sampling rates!
4497 board with mute function, with Italy interface can realize DSD change, no noise!

AK4118 is coaxial and fiber receives,Comprehensive deep software control, internal register setting optimization, eliminate switching Implosives, really support DSD256/PCM384K


package include power cable* 1


USB line* 1





 There are 2 options for transformers, and the dual UK transformer program is suitable for high fever users



 Nuvotem Talema group was founded in 1975, Nuvotem Talema has grown into a leading manufacturer of toroidal transformer rapidly. Over the years, Nuvotem Talema has been successfully design, production and provide its customers more than 350 thousand transformer;Our latest DSL technology is incorporated into our product portfolio to expand our market to a higher level.We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality standards, and to recognize this, Nuvotem Talema headquarters and production base, with its other rare recognized and approved ISO - 9000 certificate;Nuvotem Talema enjoys high success in the power market of audio and medical equipment. It is common in foreign countries, such as Govan, Mark, DCS, etc.3



All aluminum alloy process cabinet, LCD1602 LCD display.


This RCA is a custom made heavy weight thickening type pure copper gold-plated plug-in RCA socket, with good workmanship and materials, long lasting gold plating and no fading, which is more excellent than the CMC terminal in the United states.




3 sets of independent AC power supply filter for ELNA-AUDIO series, low leakage current, low ESR and loss tangent angle, can bear a large current ripple current, it is very large, fast charge and discharge, so it can deal with the strong dynamic, still make your large pond quiet as water stop, no doubt this is the background of peace, the foundation of high frequency low frequency thick, all threads neatly tied up.



  • Driver download: Amanero.com/drivers.htm
  • Here\'s a report from HiFiDuino, a well known website:
    Phase Jitter 0.04~2.41ps (10Hz~1MHz), Total Phase Jitter (RMS) 2.42ps
    Note: this result is in the range of 10Hz~1Mhz, rather than picking a nice data at a certain frequency.
    The following quote AudioDesign information for your reference, help to understand the true level of Amanero:
    Andrea Ciuffoli Rome was evaluated on Amanero, fans of WaveIO, M2Teck, QNKTC and other variety of USB interface, which is the highest rating of Amanero. WaveIO is a typical representative of the XMOS scheme compared with Amanero open, detail, texture and fluency in the sound field to win.


Core stabilized LT1963 high speed low noise. Much better than LM317 ASM1117 and so on


LTRThe 1963 series is a low dropout voltage regulator designed for fast transient response. The device can provide the output current of 1.5A and the differential voltage of 340mV. The quiescent current is 1mA, and is reduced to < 1 A in shutdown mode. The quiescent current is in a state of good control; unlike many other voltage regulators, the quiescent current of the device will not increase in the case of differential pressure. In addition to the fast transient response, the LT1963 regulator also has very low output noise, making it well suited for sensitive RF power applications.