Coxtod Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generators Machine Household Home Adjustable Air Purifier Oxygen Bar

Coxtod Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generators Machine Household Home Adjustable Air Purifier Oxygen Bar
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Oписание продукта

Concentrateur d\'oxygène / concentrador de oxígeno / happi rikastamo / 산소농축기 / Sauerstoff-Konzentrators / koncentrátor kyslíku / dolor concentrator / concentrator de oxigen / Concentrador de oxigênio / koncentrátor kyslíka / Oksijen konsantratörü / หัวออกซิเจน/concentrador de oxígeno / συμπυκνωτής οξυγόνου / oxigén sűrítő / concentratore di ossigeno / концентратор кислорода / Concentrator ocsaigin / iltkoncentratoren

Portable Medical Adjustable Oxygen Generator Concentrator Machine Mini comfortable Oxygen bar



Product model: jay-1
Oxygen Concentration(%): 30%-90%
Applied Voltage: AC110V/220V ( available in stock goods)
Product Net weight: 6.5KG
Noise(dBA):less than40db( actual test is 35db)
Technology: oxygen concentrator with PSA technology.
Product Dimension(mm): 350*190*320mm
Breathing way: nose breathing
Oxygen Flow(L/min):
0L-5L/Min adjustable
Rated Power(W): 90W
anion output: more than 600Million/m⊃3;

Item Type: Portable Medical Adjustable Oxygen Generator Concentrator Machine Mini comfortable Oxygen bar


This Oxygen Concentrator Generator Sale points

Advantage 1: To solve the problem of the oxygen inhalation, Can sustainable work 3000(125 days) hours of uninterrupted supply of oxygen

Advantage 2: The touch key high-end configuration, use the touch sensitive unlimited life, leading technology.

Advantage 3: 40 db Quite, easy make you fall in sleep. Baby with night sleep function: subwoofer level 35 Bai(leading); a row of button remote control operation to your hand

Advantage 4: Intimate Design A row of Keys High-grade atmosphere simple and stylish design protruding bottons, children and senior citizens, housewives...operate hand heart desire

Advantage 5: Intelligen Time accumulation function: The machine is equipped with a timing function, want to suck on how long how long. The cumulative function, from the first time you boot start time

Advantage 6: Portable Design: Portable design humanization, let mom and dad are where can easily carry.

Advantage 7:Exclusive stainless steel metal oxygen nozzle, high -grade appearance, durable security

Advantage 8: German imports of negative ion emitter 6000000/CM3 per second

Advantage 9: Double warranty protection settings, only need to easily replace the fuse.

Advantage 10: German Imports Zeolite- Aluminum Oxide Molecular sieve tube

The Oxygen Concentrator Generator Functions:

1.Negative ion function for 500million per cm3
2.Timing function for 180min at most
3.Power saving model
4.Sleeping model
5.Auto power off for protection
6.Oxygen producing accumulated
7.Function of system-board oxygen
8.Support for double people breathing oxygen at same time

9.Item Type: Good oxygen portable oxygen generator concentrator with fresh oxygen

Note : This is a supplementary medical equipment and is not intended for serious disease or those who stay alive solely on medical oxygen.

This Oxygen Concentrator GeneratorFEATURES:
1. It is portable oxygen concentrator with PSA technology.
2. Especially for home care

Working Theory :
This machine takes AC110V/ 220V power as power source,takes the air as the raw material .Adoping the original molecular sieve of high quality fromfrance, under normal temperature through the PSA adsorption to get the high-purity quality oxygen

Item Type:CE approval for Portable Medical Adjustable Oxygen Generator Concentrator Machine Mini comfortable Oxygen bar free shipping.


Special recommendation for following groups of potential consumers:

Aged: prolonging life, improving immunity, preventing disease, oxygen therapy. Old man’s vital capacity goes downhill quickly; some vitals such as heart, brain, and kidney, liver will be gradually decline. Oxygen uptaking would make up oxygenic shortage that caused by Physical Function Decline and keep every organ in good condition, also prevent disease to keep healthy and defer senility.
White-collar women: skin care, maintenance skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status. Oxygen uptaking could relieve nervous and irritable emotion sub health, etc. Increasing energy, rise vitality. Recover and improve your heath from office syndrome, such as fatigability, feeling dizzy, losing appetite.
Pregnant women: this oxygen concentrator generator is beneficial to the women and helpful to fetus development. Plenty of oxygen uptaking will help women promote or improve skin’s blood circulation, gear up to extract toxin and melanin to let your skin looks nutritious and younger. Oxygen uptaking can help fetus get more oxygen in order to grow up healthily and become an “Oxygen Baby”, to have inherent advantages during the pregnant time.
Businessman: The oxygen concentrator generator relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency. Enhance physiological index, keep strong energetic and improve life quality or recovery.
Students: oxygen concentrator generator improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue. Our brain will use and take out 25% oxygen of whole body. When you study long time, you need oxygen uptaking in time and could help you improve ability of memory and study.

Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability
Patients: This oxygen concentrator generator increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio - cerebral vascular/COPD&Cardiovasalar diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases.

Plateau tourism lovers: This oxygen concentrator generator Releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau .

Scope of application: This oxygen concentrator generator is mainly used for generating health care use oxygen. Oxygen concentrator generator could enhance absorption of medicine and modify disease. Patients are most necessary people who need oxygen uptaking, especially for those who have Cardiopulmonary Diseases. Oxygen uptaking can suspend illness to get worse, improve immune competence of pneogaster and our body. Oxygen uptaking can alleviate or remit shortness of breath, to make you are refreshing and active and improve quality of life. Keep long time oxygen therapy, it will be important in recovering of disease absolutely

Ones with heart and lung diseases who have a hard breathing and angina pectoris, leading to apoplexy myocardial infarction.

With this price, you will get the whole unit for the following items:

Package Includes:
1 * Oxygen Concentrator machine
1 * Nasal Suction Oxygen Tube
1 * Power Cable
1 * User Manual & Certificate
1 * Warranty Card





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